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$55,000 Worth of Fake Jordan's are confiscated in Virginia

Nearly 400 pairs of Imitation Air Jordan's were confiscated in Virginia after US Agents & Border protection agency noticed a suspicious package coming in from China. The fake Jordan's were headed to an address in Virginia authorities say. Many of these shoes are sold in smaller clothing stores or sold on the streets directly to customers and Air Jordans are frequently counterfeited in foreign factories because of their popularity and cheaper cost of making the shoe. People have found fake Jordan's selling at such places as the Flea Market or even online. The Shoes are similar to real Air Jordan's but the shoes are poorly stitched and tend to fall apart quicker than a regular shoe. There are many ways to tell if the Jordan's you are real or not and Wikihow has listed over 10 ways to spot the fakes.

There are a number of different ways that you can confirm you’re getting an authentic pair of Air Jordan's. You always want to be safe when buying from people you don't know and it's better to prevent losing out on a few hundred dollars if you're a collector. Most the time the people selling the shoes online will delete their accounts and start a new one so it's hard to keep track and trace who you're buying from if dealing with a scammer. Here are multiple ways to help make sure you don't lose out on money!

1. Examine the Box

2.Check for spelling errors and logo imperfections

3.Look for a manufacturing sticker on the outside of the box.

4.Confirm the nine digit style number on the manufacturing sticker.

5.Examine the label under the tongue. Jordans have a very specific label under the tongue.

6.Check the proportions of the Jumpman logo.Fake Jordans may have an uneven or lumpy Jumpman, with poor stitching and unusual proportions.

7.Inspect the detail around the laces and look for high quality stitching.

8.Research the known colorways for that particular type of Jordans.

9.Avoid buying Air Jordans from an overseas seller.

10. Do you research on who you're buying from



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