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Facebook hackers are taking over your friends profiles to steal your info, here's what to watch

Many Hackers these days are getting smarter, they are finding new ways to get your info and to promote to your friends. A new Facebook hack has been floating around where the hacker will pretend to be someone close to you to try and get info from you through messages or by having you click a spam link directly on their profiles. The Virus is first spread through advertising and promoting these spam links on multiple pages. Some of these scams offer FREE prizes for liking their page or post and most claim they are FREE Giveaways, or FREE Gift cards and other winning schemes. Many believe they are going to claim a prize or enter to win but by clicking on the link,the virus takes over your profile and messenger and spams your friends with the same virus. This continues to spread throughout all your friends of friends messenger and the more people that click it the more the virus spreads around. It's uncertain what information the hackers are collecting but once it takes over your messenger or profile you have no control.

Once in Control of your friends profile, they then can message you and pretend to be your friend or family member or then tag you in a post on their page. Since it's a person of trust many people think nothing of clicking on a link that is sent to them, especially if the Hacker is saying it's a family photo or you should check this out, many people think it's a person of trust. Best way to avoid these situations is to always make sure the person you are talking to is real. Ask them questions that only they would know, or simply give the person a call and make sure that way they are saying is real. If it also sounds too good to be true, like FREE giveaways and FREE Giftcards, it probably is Fake. Avoid clicking on these links that offer these giveaways and only apply at trusted sources that never ask for your info or want you to sign into another no trusted website or app. Many online videos have surfaced of full attack on ones profile, and one lady claims to have lost thousands of dollars by clicking on the wrong link Be safe and help spread this message, next victim could be someone close to you.



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