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Multiple foreign workers are found living in the basement of a Burger King.

Health Administrations have issued an 'Order of an for the evacuation of all people living in the cellar of a Burger King in Canada. According to the inspectors, the order was issued Jan. 10, 2018 after an AHS inspector, found Evidence of people resting and/or living within the basement of the Burger King inside a (cellar) room.The inspector at the time, presented evidence of people sleeping inside such as mattress's, blankets and other living items next to food. The Inspector ordered that all sleeping pads and related outfitting" be expelled as of Jan. 17, 2018, and that the eatery no longer permit individuals to stay/live/sleep in the eatery premises and all of its restaurant & food items should be isolated from any type of living quarters and from other zones where living exercises are carried out that are contradictory with the secure and clean dealing with of food, which could get people sick.

The found living in the basement of the Burger King were found to be foreign workers. Most are paid less than minimum wage to do strenuous work. Many are forced into living like this due to poverty within their own countries that have forced them to move and look for work. Inspectors say it's uncertain how many people were living inside the Burger King but are doing what they can to maintain a healthy eating environment for the customers. Diseases such as Hepatitis A, B, C, , the Flu and more could be spread through the food and cause a major health risk. The Burger King has been shut down until everything has been removed and cleaned and will re open after a full inspection of the premises.



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