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Offset of the Migos says He can’t vibe with Queers in new song, the LGBT community responds back.

People are slamming rapper Offset of the Migos on Twitter right now after he released a new song that says he can't vibe with queers which has caught attention of the LGBT community. Numerous people have backlashed at the rapper one fan saying , "I am no longer a fan. That’s f#cked up bro. @OffsetYRN I was a huge Migos fan, I’m good I’ll take my shit else where." and another saying, "Before y'all barrel full speed ahead into the "Offset isn't a bigot he's just an idiot" defense, remember that the three amigos were caught on record being disgusted by fellow rapper Makonnen coming out!" but some are also on his side saying, "Leave Offset alone bruh. Swear y’all just be reaching for shit to be “outraged” about. If a “queer” said they don’t vibe with heterosexual men than it wouldn’t be a big deal to y’all. This has also become a viral subject and moment on Twitter creating more buzz for the rapper. The song which features these lyrics is called "Boss Life" featuring YFN Lucci and can now be streamed on Worldstar and Other music sites.

The LGBT community or GLBT community, moreover alluded to as the gay community, is a freely characterized gathering of lesbian, cheerful, promiscuous, and transgender (LGBT) and LGBT-supportive individuals, organizations, and subcultures, joined together by a common culture and social developments. These communities by and large celebrate pride, differing qualities, independence, and sexuality. LGBT activists and sociologists see LGBT community-building as a balance to heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, sexualism, and copy-cat weights that exist in the bigger society. The term "pride" or now and then cheerful pride is utilized to express the LGBT community's personality and collective quality; pride parades give both a prime illustration of the utilize and a show of the common meaning of the term. The LGBT community is assorted in political connection. Not all LGBT people consider themselves portion of the LGBT community. Groups that may be considered portion of the LGBT community incorporate gay towns. The movement has spread worldwide and followed by millions of members who support the community, it's easy to see why people are backlashing offset by the hundreds.



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