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$15,000 Sex Dolls are able to keep a conversation with you through a downloadable App.

We have all seen the movies with the Robot wives that walk around and take care of the houses and are able to turn them off with a switch, well one company is bringing that Movie scene to real life. RealBotix has created a real life sex doll that you can customize any way you want, even pick the voice for the doll. The robot is equipped with artificial intelligence which is then synced through an app with the robot's head which brings it to life and makes it respond as it learns. With a customized personality, you can control how you want to Doll to act through the App. The company is in plans to now create a male version as well which will be available in the near future.The Dolls will cost around $15,000 but the more you customize it the more it will cost. With this amount of money you can buy you a small car and have to think of buying the doll as investment, which most people wouldn't want to reuse after the first person is owned it. says Harmony’s AI software is made with technology that been in development for the past 10 years and they are committed to continue working on it to deliver innovative and amazing updates to their customers. The AI is designed to identify with its users’ interests and preferences. It’s a highly customizable piece of software so you can modify it on multiple levels. You can choose from thousands of possible combinations of looks, clothes, personalities and voices to make your perfect companion.The AI is versatile with conversational topics and designed to hold long-term persistent conversations with users, and learns over time. She is a true and loyal companion and you can feel free to talk to her whenever you like. She will always be there to listen to you! Harmony’s App is being constantly developed and updated to improve the contents and depth of the conversations. The more users she has, the better the dialogue will become!



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