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Ja Rule brings up old beef with 50 Cent ,he says 50 likes to get his booty tickled & more.

Ja Rule is at it again sparking up Beef with old Rival 50 Cent starting up the hashtag #Ticklebooty after he claims 50 Cent likes his booty tickled. Before he signed with Interscope Records 50 Cent started a viral Hip Hop beef with rapper Ja Rule and his label, Murder Inc. Records, saying that a friend robbed Ja Rule of his jewelry and accused 50 Cent of putting together the robbery. Ja Rule claims that the beef stemmed from a video shoot in 50 Cents neighborhood of Queens and hated the fact that the people were loving him more than 50. In 2000 Jackson had an altercation with Murder Inc. at the Hit Factory in New York where people were stabbed and three people received stitches for a stab wound. The Person accused of the stabbings, Rapper Black Child, said he stabbed the people in self defense after he noticed someone pulling out a gun. The feud continued for years and 50 Cent defeated Ja Rule after he started to notice sales decline.

After being interviewed in 2010 by MTV, Rule finally admitted his defeat by 50 Cent and said that his 2009 album, The Mirror, would not continue any feuds: "There was a lot of things I wanted to say, and I didn't want there to be any bitter records on the album but this didn't stop Ja Rule. On August 7, 2015, the feud between the two rappers later reignited when Ja gave a feedback to a social follower via Twitter over a similar feud between Meek Mill and Drake. Enraged, 50 later responded back with photos and comments via Instagram, only siding with Drake but that quickly died down. Now in 2018 Ja Rule is firing shots again claiming he used to have Vivica Fox tickle his booty, and even claims he owns 50 Cents Soul. 50 Vaguely responded on his Instagram account with a picture of a groundhog that "When you go back to the hood and everyone knows you're broke, it's not my fault!" In Good news Ja Rule has sold more than 30 million copies since 1999 off seven of his studio albums and continues to make music despite all the beef going on.



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