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Hip Hop Legend Too Short is being sued for Sexual Battery

Grandfather of Hip Hop and Rap ,Too Short is well known for antics in his videos where he features lots of women and flashy cars and is well known for rapping about pimping and making money as well as real life experience through the struggles of everyday life. Too Short is known to be a ladies man but one lady says different, Teana Louis claims that Too Short had forced her into having oral , vaginal and anal sex. She says it happened on numerous times and on occasions would throw her down on the bed and force oral sex on her. Louis is suing Too $hort on the grounds of sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination and false imprisonment reports TMZ. Amongs others being accused of sexual Violence this year are Def Jam Mogul Russell Simmons and L.A. Reid and famous music producer and TV star which tarnished their reputation. It's uncertain if this is true or not about Too Short but he is innocent until proven guilty. The woman claims that Too Short would make her bleed and is accusing him of brutally sodomizing her.

As a result, sexual battery (which is also called sexual assault) is a more serious battery offense under California Penal Code that can carry severe consequences such as prison terms and registration as a sexual offender.If someone is convicted of sexual battery as a misdemeanor, they may be sentenced to up to six months in jail, expensive court fines, sexual offender programming/counseling sessions and forced sex offender registration. Those convicted of felony-level sexual battery can face up to four years in prison (with an additional five years if the victim suffered great bodily injury), significant fines and sex offender registration.Sexual battery is a very serious criminal offense that can cause lifelong consequences for those convicted. Someone can be charged even where there is little to no physical evidence that a crime took place and most the time people are charged with just accusations.



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