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El Chapo is forced to sign an agreement that says he won't kill any Jurors.

El Chapo is known for working the justice system by bribing people with high amounts of money and in some cases killing the people that get in his way. His image is so violent that it has scared the jurors on his upcoming trial. Chapo was forced to sign an agreement that says he will not kill any jurors. Joaquín Guzmán faces life in US prison and faces charges for the seizure of $14billion in drug profits which he achieved drug trafficking. Alleged drug kingpin pleaded not guilty at New York court hearing and was set up with a Jury Trial. With Guzmans well known reign of terror and history of violence upon the community some of the Jurors are in fear for their lives. Guzmán's Sinaloa Cartel, at the time of his arrest, was the wealthiest and most powerful of Mexico's drug cartels. It smuggles multi-ton cocaine shipments from Colombia through Mexico to the United States by air, sea and road, and has distribution cells throughout the U.S.The organization has also been involved in the production, smuggling and distribution of Mexican methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin from Southeast Asia and is still believed to have millions of dollars stashed away.

Authorities have said that El Chapo will not be escaping from Prison anytime soon and there will be no underground tunnels being dug up underneath the prison like in Mexico. They have also been keeping tabs on any conversations he has with visitors and people around him to prevent any mishaps from taking place. At the time of his 2014 arrest, Guzmán imported more drugs into the United States than anyone else. He took advantage of the power vacuum created by crackdowns on cartels in Colombia, gaining business and market share there as Colombia's own cartels were decimated.He took similar advantage of the situation when his rival cartels were brought down by an intense crackdown from the Mexican government, but the Sinaloa gang emerged largely unscathed.Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos congratulated Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for the capture of Guzmán. Santos stated that "Guzmán's capture is a success, a great blow against organized crime, and drug trafficking", adding that "finally, this individual (Guzmán), like all criminals, will find what he deserves in the eyes of justice, and we celebrate that the Mexican authorities have recaptured this criminal". Loretta Lynch, United States Attorney General, praised Mexican authorities "who have worked tirelessly in recent months to bring Guzmán to justice" and with him now being in America his reign of terror will now come to an end.



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