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Christian Gospel singer Rev. Peter Unger delivers the word of the Lord through his unique songs.

Rev Peter Unger places his faith in a higher power with the tender spirituality of “Lord Guide Me Home”. Arrangements perfectly match Rev Peter Unger’s gentle vocals. The pastoral quality of the track works wonders as it draws from a wide variety of styles, going from a bluesy tenor to a little bit of folk and country thrown in for good measure. Everything sprawls out in a most gracious way, as Rev Peter Unger keeps things to the absolute essentials, allowing every single nuance of sound to resonate with true majesty. Forgoing percussion, the song settles into a comfortable groove over the course of the piece in a most naturalistic fashion. His voice brings out the Gospel and is guaranteed to touch your heart with everyone word.

Opening up with acoustic and electric guitar the tone is set quite quickly. Upon Rev Peter Unger’s vocals entering into the mix everything becomes deeply felt. Lyrically precise Rev Peter Unger goes for a confessional approach, letting the narrative focus upon one’s faults along with the hope for salvation. By choosing such a demeanor everything simply shines, drenched with a tremendous amount of light. The multifaceted, multilayered approach truly plays to Rev Peter Unger’s confident delivery. For the latter half of the piece Rev Peter Unger further illuminates the better way, the path less traveled, the path towards salvation. By the very end it all neatly comes together in such a simple yet satisfying way. His new song “Lord Guide Me Home” embarks upon a soothing journey, one that highlights Rev Peter Unger’s uncanny mixture of storytelling and exploration of faith.



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