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Pop Singer Xavier Toscano could be the next big artist to be signed to a Major Record Label.

Xavier’s music is influenced by Top 40 radio and video. It can best be described as enthusiastic, energetic, dance-urban pop. He also blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B with his dancing ability to create a dynamic stage show. Xavier has performed across the United States and Europe, and continues to entertain locally. Wherever Xavier performs, he is always praised for having a “ton of energy.” Combine that with his strong stage presence, and you have well rounded entertainer who puts on electric and engaging show.5 songs from his album "Feels So Good" were featured on the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Xavier's video "Runaway" is featured at Foot Locker stores nationwide to thousands of people who visit the stores daily.

3 songs from his album "Feels So Good" were featured on the PBS show Roadtrip Nation and his music has been featured by major brands such as Red Bull, Pop Chips, Supercuts, Versace, and many more Xavier is constantly written about in indie music blogs, with major features on the Huffington Post, The Examiner, The Music Industry News Network, and,MTV, National Video Shows, and Video Jukeboxes internationally.This young talented singer has performed at the Disneyland Hotel, Trafalgar Square (London), and in front of the US Capitol Building (Washington DC), among hundreds of people and is used to having the spotlight. After opening up for major international recording artists he is now working with three major promoters to book shows in the greater West Coast and will be traveling soon.You can listen to his music on Pandora Radio,On iHeart Radio, and different College Radio's across the United States. Be on the look out for this new artist on the rise.



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