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Floyd Mayweather's Dad is being charged with Battery of a Woman.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is being accused of throwing a woman out of his car after punching her on the leg in Las Vegas. He is being charged with the Battery of a Woman but According to his defense lawyers they are saying that the victim is trying to extort money and she’s upset because she’s not getting the money from Floyd. The Nevada crimes of assault and battery carry a range of penalties depending on the circumstances. Minor incidents may be prosecuted as misdemeanors in Nevada carrying only community service. Major incidents can be prosecuted as felonies in Nevada carrying years in Nevada State Prison and thousands of dollars in fines.Nevada law says batter can occur when the alleged victim sustained substantial bodily harm in Nevada, which the victims claims occured. It's uncertain as to the extent of her injuries but the woman claims she has evidence of her claims against Mayweather Sr.

Mayweather Sr. is due back in court on March 27 in Las Vegas court and will attend with his lawyers to fight against him.There are several ways our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys fight against such charges. Common defenses are:the accused acted in self-defense;the incident was an accident; or the alleged victim made up the whole abuse story and perhaps self-inflicted his/her injuries And if the police may have conducted an illegal search, the judge can "suppress" any incriminating evidence they found. This in turn may leave the prosecutor with too weak of a case to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Mayweather's defense is saying that she made this all up for money. With the fame of his son and boxing career it is easy to believe why people would be after such a thing, as greed can make desperate people do anything for money, including making up stories.



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