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Rapper Slim Dunkin's family is still owed $11,000,000 after his death in 2011, father plans on s

Rapper Slim Dunkin was set to be the next upcoming rapper in the scene but that all came to a tragic end. The Brick Squad Monopoly member was shot in an altercation that began over a stolen piece of candy with another rapper.Lawyers are now pointing fingers at Gucci Mane's because they now claim Slim was gunned down at East Atlanta's Zone 6 Studio during the shoot for Gucci's "Push Ups". Slim Dunkin was an affiliate of Waka Flocka Flame and at that time him and Gucci Mane had a following out. Slim died in December of 2011 and his father has yet to receive any money from his death. Lawyers representing his case say that the father neglected to act on the case the right way and to much time has passed for him to do anything. Lawyers said that he should have filed suit against Gucci Mane and Warner Bros Sooner as it could be to late to file a discovery. Slim's father plans on suing the lawyers for neglect within the case and claims his lawyers misguided him.

There is a statue of limitations with any case and the lawyers claim that with the loss of his son it took a toll on the father which put a strain and time limit to get things done, but because of grieving this didn't happen. Slims father plans on sue-ing for the $11,000,000 he is owed.If he does not win the case he will be liable for any monies lost and could spend thousands of dollars in the process to fight this case. Slim Dunkin passed away at Atlanta's Georgia Grady Memorial Hospital and died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. Slim Dunkin was heavily tattooed and was to be the next big rap artist on Gucci Mane's label. Atlanta homicide detective David Quinn investigated Dunkin's murder and His funeral was held on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 at Atlanta's Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home.He is still remembered today with many people Retweeting #RIPSLIMDUNKIN on Twitter.



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