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Walmart is accused of locking up hair products for Black Women only, lady plans to sue store for seg

Essie Grundy, a Walmart shopper in California, felt like her store was discriminating and segregating her beauty products by locking up products only made for African Americans behind a glass case. While other conditioners and other products remained on the shelves unlocked it made the woman furious at what she saw. "It was something that I couldn't go in and feel. When I purchased something, I couldn't reach out and get it from her after she took it from behind the glass. She had to walk it to the counter and gave it directly to the cash register and then I had to pay for it. And then I was able to touch it," Grundy told reporters at a news conference Friday with NBC 4 California. Segregation means the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart.the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment. This is a clear case of segregation by beauty products within and establishment claims the woman and her legal team.

Racial segregation in the United States, as a general term, includes the segregation or separation of access to facilities, services, and opportunities such as housing, medical care, education, employment, and transportation along racial lines. The expression most often refers to the legally or socially enforced separation of African Americans from other races, but also applies to the general discrimination against people of color by white communities and if Walmart is found guilty they could owe thousands of Dollars to the victim. The term refers to the physical separation and provision of so-called "separate but equal" facilities, which were separate but rarely equal, as well as to other manifestations of racial discrimination, such as separation of roles within an institution: for example, in the United States Armed Forces before the 1950s, black units were typically separated from white units but were led by white officers. Signs were used to show non-whites where they could legally walk, talk, drink, rest, or eat.Segregated facilities extended from white only schools to white only graveyards to business has long been shut down and left in the past as we as people try to move forward.

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