13 year old kids in Denver are robbed for their LiL Ceasers Pizza & $20

Xyan Lovato and friends were enjoying a day in Denver with their hard earned money they got from chores and decided it was time to get something to eat after a long day of playing. Xyan , Alex and two other friends decided to walk to LiL Ceasers Pizza on 2001 W Alameda Ave in Denver to grab a box of Hot & Ready pizza for $5. They then proceeded to the park located on Cedar and Yuma Street two blocks away. They found a bench and started to eat when all of a sudden a red car, what they described as a Toyota Corolla, pulled up with one Caucasian Male and Two African American males. One demanded that the boys hand over their pizza and empty their pockets while flashing a gun at the young kids. The robbers took off with their $5 pizza and the $20 which took hard work for Xyan to earn. A Police report was filed with the Denver Police and was put into the system for further investigation.

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