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Alabama Rapper who wears Pink Disses Tupac & Eazy E! He claims he's the best rapper of all t

Upcoming rapper in Alabama who calls himself, "Pink" has went went viral on Facebook racking up over 6,000,000 Views oh his Tupac , Eazy E, and Joe Budden Diss Videos. The young rapper/entertainer continues to go viral with his freestyles over old school beats and has gained a lot of media attention from bloggers in his state. He is well known for disrespecting hip hop legends and claims he is the best rapper of all time. Pink and his friends have started a movement called the "Pink Gang" and have lots of supporters who share his every move, as well as the haters who boost his following by talking down on his videos. Many of the people who have replied to his videos have said "You're disrespecting Legends you need to sit down" and another Tupac fan said " You will never be able to compete with Tupac, you haven't even sold one record!!" Eazy E is of course on of the Originators of Hip Hop and considered one of the top Gangster raps of his time.

Eazy-E has been called the godfather of gangsta rap. MTV's Reid Shaheem said that Eazy was a "rap-pioneer",and he is sometimes cited by critics as a legend.Steve Huey of AllMusic said that he was "one of the most controversial figures in gangsta rap". Since his 1995 death, many book and video biographies have been produced, including 2002's The Day Eazy-E Died and Dead and Gone.BET named 2Pac 'The Most Influential Rappers of All Time'. They then went on to say "his confounding mixture of ladies' man, thug, revolutionary and poet has forever altered our perception of what a rapper should look like, sound like and act like. In 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Lil Wayne, newcomers like Freddie Gibbs and even his friend-turned-rival Biggie, it's easy to see that Pac is the most copied MC of all time. There are murals bearing his likeness in New York, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Bulgaria and countless other places; he even has statues in Atlanta and Germany. Quite simply, no other rapper has captured the world's attention the way Tupac did and still does." Do you think this kid could amount to these Hip Hop/Rap legends or should he stick to entertaining?



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