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The new Lincoln Navigator is guaranteed to turn heads, Cadillac better watch out!!

The Lincoln Navigator has been thrown to the back as one of the least popular trucks to buy since the introduction of the new Denali and Cadillac trucks. Well now that's about to change! Lincoln is now introducing the new Lincoln Navigator like you have never seen it before. The new Body style has a one of a kind grill in the front which will attract people to the car the closer you get to them.The Base versions with no body upgrades and basic interior will start at around $73,250, order a Black Label trim upgrade with rims, navigation,4x4 drive and more which costs over you $94,900. The is a one of a kind Giant form SUV which can fit up to 10 people if need be. There is also a long version of the truck which costs more and has an extended cab and towing package.

With the top upgrade the SUV will come with a TWIN-TURBOCHARGED 450-HORSEPOWER ENGINE The twin-turbocharged 3.5L engine also comes equipped with a 10-speed transmission to smoothly shift gears while pushing 500 pound feet of torque. The engine is capable of producing 450-horsepower which includes an electronic control of a turbocharged engine and dual-point fuel injection. With the addition of a 10-speed transmission, drivers and passengers will experience a smooth and controlled ride with this impressive engine power plus the 10-speed transmission is not like many SUV's have.The SUV will come equipped with a Push start button for the vehicle and a push start on your alarm to warm up the vehicle in the mornings. The new Lincoln navigator will be able to haul many boats with it's towing package and is ready to take over the road.



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