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12 year old girl sells over 300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies outside of a Marijuana Dispensary in rec

One Daughter accompanied by her dad decided it was a good idea to try and sell their Girl Scout cookies outside of a dispensary in San Diego and sold more than 300 Boxes in 6 hours which is very fast for cookie sales. Sometimes it could take weeks or months to sell up to 300 boxes for most sellers in the Girl Scouts.The father and daughter duo were not actually setup on the dispensary property but on the company next doors lot. This caused controversy as the Girl and her dad did not sell the cookies exactly on Marijuana owned property but only sold to their customers. This has seen to be a strategic move by the father and daughter duo as it brought in hundreds of dollars in sales. When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you help Girl Scouts earn money for fun, educational activities and community projects. Girls decide exactly what to do with their earnings—and 100 percent of the money stays local.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program plays a big role in transforming girls into G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders)™ as they learn essential life skills that will stay with them forever.Many are saying this is a bad move by the dad and is against what the Girl Scouts stand for. Others say it is not bad and doesn't break any laws as they did the right thing. Some are now questioning whether there should be nationwide policies over where scouts are permitted to sell their baked goods on certain properties. This could take away from many places where the Girl scouts usually sell their cookies and could effect the way many girls and parents sell their produts. Girls Scouts cookies have helped Girl Scouts give back to their communities ever since the first-known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts in 1917 and has been doing so for now for over a 100 years. By changing the rules you are changing the history of the Girl Scouts!

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