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Denver Colorado Hip Hop Artist M I C Tha Capt becomes co signed by Def Jam

Colorado Hip Hop music is on the rise as A&R's are starting to look at the Hip Hop music scene. Ex Def Jam A&R Lenny Santiago, who is now the new A&R for Roc Nation, decided it was time to take a look at who was making moves in the Colorado Hip Hop scene. He and Anthony Skoe Walker, decided to host an event where hip hop locals could showcase their talents. Over 50 Local Hip Hop artists attended the event and only three were chosen after hours of performances. Out of the three M I C Tha Capt was selected by the A&R's and was given a co-signed paper that says his music is good enough to be part of Def Jam and on the radio. This is one of the first times that any rappers in Colorado achieved the recognition of a Major Record Label. M I C Tha Capt continues to make successful music by staying in the limelight and keeping close tabs on the street. Every show he attends he brings the crowd with him and throughout his career he has even open up for major celebrities like Oj Da Juiceman of 1017 Bricksquad and more. Keep a close eye out for what he has coming up next.

M I C Tha Capt real name Michael Harris raps about his struggle and ambition and how his personality has inspired him to become a rapper. His new e.p called "Time waits for no 1" and is soon to be released with features by other local hip hop artists also.M I C Tha Capt says his children give him the motivation that he previously lacked and they inspire him to keep on going. He claims his Lyrics are a mirror and a perception of our dreams, which has the potential to become reality. Michael Harris is also born and raised in Denver and wishes to someday help the Colorado music community through his music. Def Jam is also one of the biggest Record Labels in the World and to have the recognition and co sign of a major A&R it looks like this young man is on his way to making them dreams a reality. Add him on his social networks at



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