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Indie Rock Artist Forrest Hill takes you on a journey with his new song STILL CRAZY OVER YOU.

Forrest Hill is as singer-songwriter, recording artist, ecologist, meditation teacher, social entrepreneur and husband.The new album Rust from singer songwriter Forrest Hill, is rooted in the human experience of the spirit. Coming at a time when there is a lot distrust in our society and uncertainty about our future, Rust casts an unflinching eye at the power of love to change hearts and bring wholeness to our lives. Recorded at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco, Rust is Forrest’s first solo album and represents a new musical direction, from the jazz/funk style of his past to a softer, more reflective sound. You can hear how different and Unique he is in the making of his music. His new song "Still Crazy Over You" takes you on a journey into his past relationships and how much he really feels for that person at the same time making a song that everyone can relate to.

Forrest began writing music in 1977 while hitchhiking across the country through post-Vietnam America, looking to find the inherit goodness in society. He encountered plenty of suffering along the way, due to poverty and racism, as well as beautiful expressions of the compassionate heart in everyday people trying to make a positive difference in the world. These experiences continue to provide Forrest with lyrical inspiration and have shaped his career choices throughout his life.In 1980, Forrest landed in Boston where he co-founded the funk rock band Judy’s Tiny Head (JTH). They released two successful EPs that included the 1985 single My Car, a rap diatribe on material excess and the human spirit. Produced by William Garrett (now chief engineer at Spotify), My Car enjoyed copious amounts of air play in the Boston area and became a top hit on college radio.

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