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Claudia Norris inspires women in a positive, fun way to feel good about themselves through her music

Claudia Norris is a singer/songwriter currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I frequently travels to Nashville and LA to perform, songwrite and record. She has been posting music videos to YouTube since 2007, and songwriting since she was 14 and singing at a young age Her love of makeup and beauty led her to become a certified makeup artist in 2012. That same year she began posting highly-requested beauty-related videos to her YouTube channel which gets lots of views.She wants to inspire and empower girls and women in a positive, fun way to feel good about themselves and be the best they can be, inside and out!

Join her here at for your weekly music and beauty fix and follow her on social media for your daily dose of inspiration!

Title - "Say Yes" from the album Nashville Songwriting Sessions Audio download link -

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