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Teachers who have a natural talent for Guns should be armed says Donald Trump.

In 2018 there have already been over 20 reports of school shootings in 2018, including some that were fake and hoaxes. With the reality of Shootings within the school this has caused quite a scare with the school system and with the police. Donald Trump is proposing that Teachers who have a talent with guns should be armed in case another school shooting happens. This would be a cheaper alternative to putting more security in the schools as it would cost millions of dollars to do so plus if they teachers and students are trapped within a classroom and can't get out they would have a defense to protect their students and themselves faster. Some people disagree with the president saying that a Teacher could have a bad day also and feel like their would be more teacher to student shootings as this would cause them to make rational decisions under stress.

The National Rifle Association is now under pressure because of the mass shootings and have lost ties with many major companies. Amazon, Google, Apple and more are being asked to take down any streaming to do with the NRA and Delta, Hertz and United Airlines have all pulled back their funding to support the NRA. People and victims of these mass shootings are asking for stricter gun laws and background checks to prevent the sale to people who have mental issues but the reality of it all is some people snap at different times under different circumstances so someone who's mental able today might not be next week. With Donald Trumps plan all teachers would have to pass a background check , take gun classes, a mental evaluation and get a permit to carry the weapons. With the reality of these shootings it's sad to say that it has come to this, if passed many kids will now live in fear of their teachers one protester says.



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