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Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are working on Rush Hour 4

Everybody loves the Rush Hour Franchise with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, which was so popular that it even had one season as a Television show. Since the release of Rush Hour 3, in 2007, it has now been over a decade since the duo have released another movie together, but that's about to end. Chris Tucker has announced that him and Jackie Chan are working on Rush Hour 4 . Although Lee, aka Jackie Chan, and Carter aka Chris Tucker, can't stand each other they choose to work together to solve cases on their own. Which Lee Barely able to understand English, Chris Tucker hilariously cracks jokes at him and teaches him English the Chris Tucker way. Rush hour 4 is set to be one of the most anticipated comedies and the franchise has been viewed by millions of fans and has generated millions of dollars.

The Rush Hour film series is a series of three Chinese-American martial arts/action-comedy buddy cop films created by Ross LaManna, directed by Brett Ratner, and distributed by New Line Cinema. All three films center on a pair of police detectives: a Hong Kong Police Force inspector and an American LAPD detective (portrayed by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker) who go on a series of misadventures often involving corrupt crime figures. The films were released theatrically between 1998 and 2007, and have achieved commercial success and incorporate elements of martial arts, humor, and the buddy cop subgenre. This creates a funny environment as they travel through many foreign cities trying to take down some of the biggest criminal organizations. Be on the lookout for Rush Hour 4 , as this is one that you don't want to miss!



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