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New Bill would allow kids in California to take their Medical Marijuana Medicine during School.

Cannabis poses as many benefits for children as for adults. It helps children worldwide with painful long-term illnesses like epilepsy, AIDS and cancer. For children like six-year-old Bella Chinonis of Michigan, CBD oil helps manage severe seizures, bringing a level of comfort to life. However, the benefits and technicalities of cannabis prescriptions for children are often misunderstood. Most are in need of their cannabis as it helps with many complications they have with their disorders. Sometimes seizures and other pains go away instantly when children take their medical marijuana medicine. One San Francisco senator wants to allow students who rely on medical marijuana to be able to legally take their cannabis medications while at school under safe supervision when the drug is taken.

Medical marijuana has been working miracles for kids in need, especially those who have seizures daily and find it hard to eat at times. Just recently A school in Illinois has allowed a young girl to take the medicine after her parents complained that this was the only drug that could help her. The Illinois attorney general's office has agreed to give a school district permission to administer medical marijuana to the young girl and she will be able to take it as needed during school hours reports the Chicago Tribune. The parents were very happy as their daughter has leukemia and this help prevents her seizures , which can be deadly if not treated right away. The parents said they have pulled back on seizure medicines but medical marijuana has helped her think better, walk better and is more alert than ever which allows her to go back to school.



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