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Pop Band the PORCELAIN PEOPLE are ready to takeover the radio with their new single HEART THUMPING L

Hailing from Monroe, LA, Fred Kalil and Josh Thornhill have teamed up to form Porcelain People. With their first album release, Streetlights, they combine electronic and pop elements to create a strong yet whimsical sound with uplifting melodies and addictive hooks. Handling all the recording and production themselves, Porcelain People can truly say that they are proud of the final product and are ready to share it with the world. Porcelain People’s Debut effort is a musical journey complete with a unique emotional and sonic dynamic. For instance, the title track “Streetlights” sets its foundation on a strong Electro-pop percussion lick and deep synths setting the stage for Josh to deliver the soulful vocal performance he has become to be recognized by.

It sits comfortably as the initial track on this album. As we move through the album, we begin to experience the depth of this duo’s songwriting. “Vital” the second track on the album, takes inspiration from the traditional rock anthem, complete with a pounding syncopated drum beat wrapped in lush synth layers topped with a truly memorable Synth lick. Once again Josh fails to disappoint, providing vulnerable lyrics within a powerful voice. ”Beating Hearts”, Track 6 on the record represents the type of versatility that make the band special. Fred opens up with an intimate, somber piano passage accompanied by string-trio, paving the way for Josh to emotionally cut listeners with his introspective vocals. Porcelain People thrive on versatility for more check them out at

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