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Wreckless Records from Colorado is taking over the Hip Hop scene with their Lyrical talent and stage

Wreckless is an independent rap label looking to make it big in Denver and consists 5 local Hip Hop acts which include Wreckless, Flawless, XXL, Endless Destruction and Prestige. The less of a wreck EP centers around themes such as coping with depression, death, relationships, cheating and acceptance. Each song focuses around a certain theme and really walks you through a story about our lives growing up. Less Of A Wreck is a play on their group name but Wreckless also symbolizes going from being down and depressed to realizing how amazing you are even without the world seeing it. Their cover art shows all the things they use to cope such as pills smoking drinking and even music. Less Of A Wreck drops March 25th and is highly anticipated as the best EP from any Thornton rappers in Colorado..



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