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Former Bad Boy Rapper Craig Mack has passed away at age 46

Craig Mack is well known for his Hip Hop Single "Flava in ya ear" which has a remix that featured Notorious BIG, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy and more has passed away. He leaves behind his wife and two children and hundreds of people who still believed in his passion for music. After trying to make an attempt to be successful in the early-2000s, it was said that Mack was working on his third studio album in 2002, which was set to be released in 2007 but did not do well with sales.

The single "Mack Tonight" was released for the album in 2006 but only gained a few million streams. Soon after his single dropped Mack then disappeared from the hip-hop industry. A video was leaked on Youtube in 2012 saying he had joined a Christian ministry, surprising family members and fans. From 2012 until his death.According to his video, Craig Mack felt he was doing bad things and "wickedness" in New York, and that with his new move he was doing good "righteousness" in South Carolina.

Craig died on March 12, 2018 from heart failure at a nearby hospital close to his house located in Walterboro, South Carolina. Close friend of Mack, DJ Scratch, claims the rapper/family man was ill for weeks before his passing and was preparing for the worst possible outcome to follow.Rapper Erick Sermon wrote on Twitter that he was finishing work on Craig Mack's new album which will drop sometime in the near future and possibly donated to his family for future funding. Craig Mack was only 46 when he died and was still too young to be taken away one fan says on Twitter. This is for sure a tragedy for the Hip Hop scene.

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