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Sheriff in Alabama steals over $750,000 that was supposed to feed inmates and buys a house.

Alabama Sheriff Deputy, Todd Entrekin, has admitted to stealing over $750,000 from a fund called "Food Provisions" Food Provisions is a clause in a legal instrument, a law, etc., providing for a particular matter; stipulation; proviso. the providing or supplying of something, especially of food or other necessities. arrangement or preparation beforehand, as for the doing of something, the meeting of needs, the supplying of means, etc. This clause was meant to feed the inmates but instead he took the money and bought him a house." Entrekin says keeping excess funds marked for providing food for inmates is legal under a state law passed before World War II reports .

Even though this seems wrong, this is legal under Alabama law. A law which was created during the 1930's states that any leftover money for feeding inmates is to be turned over to the Sheriff. In the 1930's the police force was not as big and most the times the Sheriff would run the whole county like the Wild West. According to public documents, the Sheriff and his wife own multiple properties that cost around 1.7Million dollars. These funds could be used for computers, updated library features, or better food for the inmates. Do you think Alabama Sheriffs should be able to keep the funds, or should it go to all the inmates who are locked up??



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