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The Happy Curmudgeons create a new Genre of music with their sound and versatility

The Happy Curmudgeons are a studio band that plays different genres of music for the sheer pleasure of making songs that everyone can empathize with. The Happy Curmudgeons consists of three group members which was started as a chance for everyone involved to record original songs and play with other talented musicians locally and globally. They are currently working on an album called "Reluctant Prophets" and plan on releasing it Summer of 2018. The project will be composed of 10 or 11 songs that will be quite diverse, but reflect a multitude of musical influences. They guarantee that you will be able to vibe and feel every song on their album as the emotion they put into their music comes from real life experiences. Be on the lookout for The Happy Curmudgeons as they are ready to takeover with their diversity. download their new single called "Idle Time" from the album Meant 2 Be here--->>-

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