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Pablo Escobar to be featured in new Narcos Video game coming soon!

Narcos is one of the most viewed series on Netflix and is based on the never ending struggle with the drug war in Mexico.Soon you will be able to play the video game at home. Curve Digital , A British Game Publisher, has come to terms with the Producer of Narcos to develop a video game out of the popular Netflix series. Curve Digital plans to keep the theme of the game the same as the Narcos Series and will feature Pablo Escobar and more. It's uncertain as if this will cover all 3 Seasons of Narcos or just one but this game is guaranteed to create a buzz just like the show did.

Curve Digital plan ton releasing the game in 2019 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. It's uncertain as to weather you will play good guy or bad guy on the game yet as part of Narcos is also based on the Police trying to apprehend the Drug lords while fighting crime in Mexico. What is known is that during these battles there were plenty of different type of guns so the game will be loaded with different options for the players. The makers plan on creating the same exciting theme as the TV series but in the palm of your hand. Narcos season 4 might arrive on Netflix by the end of 2018 only making more buzz for the game. With many people waiting for the game to be released you might want to purchase yours ahead of time before they are sold out.



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