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College Students want Florida promoter to cancel Tekashi 6ix9ine concert, says it gives their school

Controversial rapper Tekashi 69,his real name Daniel Hernandez otherwise known, is set to perform at the University of Central Florida's CFE Arena on September 22, 2018 but students are outraged. They have started an online petition called "Cancel Convicted Child Pornographer/Molester Tekashi69's Show At CFE Arena" that has received over 5,600 signatures thus far.

The Petition at also says "Despite this information, UCF is still allowing a convicted child pornographer/molester who is still yet to be sentenced to perform a show at their CFE Arena this September. What message is this decision sending to the general public, that an accredited educational institution will condone and encourage the presence of someone convicted with such an obscene crime? Why are they giving this person a pass? Did this fact not cross the the minds of staff at UCF, or see how it could severely damage the school's image? What do you think, should it be shut down??



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