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A$AP Rocky guilty of assault but won't serve Jail time in Sweden.

After being released a Swedish court has decided that A$AP Rocky will face charges of assault. A$AP Rocky and his team had An altercation in central Stockholm with four other people which led to his arrest.When police were called the media named Rocky as the main aggressor for the fight, which he claims wasn't true. He was later released and just days later and Returned home.

The Victim of A$AP Rocky and his team suffered a broken rib after he was beaten and cut with broken bottles authorities say. The man claims he was kicked and thrown to the ground and required medical care for stitches and several cuts as well as his fractured rib. Even though A$AP Rocky was found guilty of assault he won't serve Jail time in Sweden but forced to pay fines as the Judge said his 1 month locked up was time served.


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