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AVAX Partners with Chainlink & Game Developers, could it reach $100 soon.

The 2024 GDC concluded this past week. Avalanche was a well-known participant who displayed a number of games, including Providence, Nyan Heroes, and Shrapnel. The primary draw, though, was their booth and the catchphrase "Web3 Gaming Sucks," which aimed to emphasize that rather than problems with their business models, the primary issue with web3 games is that they are subpar but that's not all AVAX has to offer. AVAX has been developing more safety features and cheaper gas prices. Read more below.

Chainlink's CCIP, according to Avalanche, has shown to be "crucial" in assisting in ensuring "atomic" cross-chain Delivery vs. Payment settlement by mitigating the challenges associated with transferring tokenized assets between various blockchains. Through the use of Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), the cooperation aims to link the Ethereum (ETH) and Avalanche blockchains, enabling continuous delivery versus payment (DvP) settlement of tokenized assets across networks in several currencies. SolidProof Smart Contract Audit is passed by AvaxTech, Increasing Investor Safety. ( This is not financial advice, we are not financial advisors, please invest at your own risk!)



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