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New flesh eating drug is spreading across the USA , beware say Doctors.

There is a new drug on the scene, and Doctors warn it can be fatal. Xylazine, sometimes known as "tranq on the streets can have catastrophic effects. Many are calling it "zombie drug," and the side effects are wreaking havoc in major cities across the nation which can actually cause the user's skin to deteriorate. The compound was used to cut heroin, but more recently, it has been found in fentanyl and other illegal substances. It appears to first appear in Philadelphia before moving west to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Xylazine, a non-opioid permitted for veterinary use by the Food and Drug Administration, is unsafe for human consumption, and those who overdose on it do not respond to naloxone, also known as Narcan, the most widely used overdose reversal medication. Sedative-like side effects from xylazine include extreme tiredness and effects your respiratory system , causing it to shut down. Many users are left with large wounds from using the drug and it spreads across the body. If left untreated many are losing their limbs and flesh causing irreversible damage and death. Doctors are warning everyone to be safe from who you are buying your drugs from because one small dose could be your last.



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