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Pitbull tears apart a car while police watch (VIDEO)

Watch as a powerful Pit Bull terrorizes the town and destroys a car while the owner and Police sit and watch.

In a world where man's best friend and man's favorite mode of transportation typically coexist peacefully, a bizarre and alarming trend has recently emerged: pitbull attacks on cars. This phenomenon has left many scratching their heads, wondering what could possibly drive these normally affectionate animals to turn against the inanimate objects we rely on for our daily commutes.One of the most infamous incidents occurred in Temple Hills, Maryland, where a pitbull, seemingly possessed by a mechanical vendetta, decided to take a bite out of a Tesla. The car's owner, Olivia Symone, was forced to seek refuge inside her vehicle as the dog launched an aggressive assault on the car's exterior. The pitbull chewed one of the wheel arches and tore off a piece of the Model 3's rubber molding around the door frame. The dog's owner, in a move that would make even the most devoted Tesla enthusiast cringe, offered to cover the woman's medical bills, the dog's vet bills, and the Model 3's repair cost. The owner also decided to put the dog down, fearing that it might harm others in the future.

This isn't an isolated incident, either. In Jacksonville, Florida, a pair of dogs were caught on camera tearing through a car in an attempt to get to a cat hiding inside. The owner of the car, Christie Barr, woke up to extensive damage to her vehicle, with the insurance company estimating up to $3,000 in repairs.While these incidents may seem like isolated cases of canine confusion, they raise serious questions about the nature of pitbulls and their interactions with the world around them. Some argue that pitbulls are simply misunderstood, victims of bad owners and negative media portrayals. Others point to statistics showing that pitbulls are responsible for a disproportionate number of dog attacks, suggesting that there may be something inherently problematic with the breed.Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: the relationship between pitbulls and cars is a complex one, full of contradictions and unexpected turns. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of canine behavior, one can only hope that our four-legged friends will learn to leave our precious vehicles alone, and that we can all coexist peacefully in a world where cars and canines can live in harmony.



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