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Recent study explains the real reason why Bruce Lee died

The reason listed for the death of Bruce Lee was originally listed as brain swelling also known as cerebral edema. There was no exact explanation as to what caused this swelling and was left an enigma for years with all his fans who wanted some sort of resolution until now. A new study which was conducted by a group of kidney specialists in Spain claim that Bruce Lee’s real cause of death was by drinking an excessive amount of water also called hyponatremia. This condition reduces the amount of sodium in the Lee's Blood, preventing him getting rid of the his pee fast enough to get rid of the waste.

Bruce Lee is considered by many martial artists , celebrities and other influencers that Lee was the most influential martial artist of all time. The impact of his loss is still talked about today as his influence in the movie industry changed how many martial artist influencers film today. Bruce Lee passed away July 20, 1973 just at the age of 32.



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