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Top 10 Colorado Hip Hop artists who could be the next to blow up

1. Kreepa

With his song "Oh No" going viral on TikTok and taking over the algorithm, Kreepa has made a name for himself by taking over everyone's For You page . With Millions of streams on Spotify and more he is someone to keep an eye out for .

2. FBP Moe

Exploding on the Colorado Hip Hop scene with his single "No Pressure" FBP Moe has been on a steady climb to reach the top. Gaining millions of views on his Music videos he has done features with major artists such as Stupid Young and more to come.

3. LiL Tr3L

Reigning from the Eastside of Denver, LiL Tr3l has been making hit after hit and has amassed thousands of fans on Facebook. Going live her videos gain her thousands of views and has been featured on Boosie Badazz's page. Along with the streets supporting her LiL Tr3l has potential to blow up.

4. Old Man Saxon

With his Versatile style , Old Man Saxon has become a movement of his own. Standing out of the crowd with his own unique form of rap, he has gained millions of views on his videos and music platforms and continuously stays relevant by dropping new music and performing live at many Colorado venues.


While gaining popularity on his social media platforms, ITSOKTOCRY has become one of the most well known underground artists in Colorado. His influence reaches a whole different type of crowd of Hip Hop heads who follow his every move and support his music, along with millions of views on his videos.

6. J Gutta Maan

Colorado native J Gutta Maan has gained popularity with his new single , "ESE" featuring viral rap artist Peso Peso. Along with his other features from Dj Drama , LiL Flip and more he has made a name for himself in the Box State. Many are wondering who will he have next featured on his future projects.

7. Tre Ridah

Unique in his own lane, Tre Ridah has built a movement of followers who support his every move. Currently under Farasi Music Label , his videos have generated over a million streams. Supported heavily on the streets of Colorado and beyond many are anticipating his next moves and fans are waiting on more music.

8. Papa J Ruiz

Since gaining over 1,000,000 views on his video "Kiss The Sky" Papa J Ruiz continues to drop heat on every single project he drops. His lyrical East Coast type of style with a new age twist is different than what most Colorado artists are producing. The clarity of his music stands out with strong production and promotion behind him.

9. TheyCallHimAP

Anthony Porch aka AP and popularly known as TheyCallHimAP has successfully made a name for himself in the Colorado Hip Hop Community. Performing in front of thousands of people at many large events, his fanbase reaches beyond the Box State. Also one of the very few who have thousands of views on his music videos,

10. Jakob Campbell

Born and raised in Colorado , Jakob Campbell starting writing music when he was 12 years old and recorded his first song when he was 14. featured on The Masked Singer). Rhythm + Flow on Netflix, Jakob continues to stay in peoples faces by dropping consistent music videos. Rapping about real life situations on his tracks, his style is versatile with Hip Hop with a twist of R&B flow.



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