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Wendys throws jabs at Elon Musk and mentions Mark Zuckerberg

Wendys social media pages have been known for the funny antics and memes and continue to stay relevant by doing so. On their new Threads social media page they have started up their shenanigans this time targeting the Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg feud trying to throw gas on the fire to heat up the situation. Not only at Elon Musk but also at Twitter with multiple posts on their newly founded Threads page. Many have replied with lol emojis and responded back throwing jabs at the Twitter owner and Meta owner as well.

Wendys many times has thrown jabs at it's competitors like Burger King, Mcdonalds and more and has continued to keep people entertained. In 2018, Wendy's released a song called We Beefin?, which took at at many of it's competitors and went viral across twitter gaining millions of views. Many memes were also created because of the beef and until this day many reference back as one of the greatest disses by a Fast food restaurant of all time. Some celebrities also used their song in their videos and supported the funny schemes Wendys presents.

In recent news Elon musk has threatened to sue Mark Zuckerberg and Meta for copying Twitter by hiring it's ex employees and using some of it's copywritten material and coding to build it's new Threads app. Meta was hit with a cease and desist letter and Elon Musk took to Twitter on a rage calling out Mark Zuckerberg and making fun of him by saying "I'll see you in the ring, Lizard Boy" . It's seems like the battle of the millionaires has just started and could end up in a major battle between social media companies in court. After all what better way to stir up the pot by Wendys starting some beef .



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