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Denver Colorado Hip Hop group, Stryker & MFT, become Co Signed by Roc Nation

After many years of struggling to get their music heard, Denver Colorado hip hop group, Stryker & MFT get the recognition they deserve. Scouted online, because of their internet promotions, they were invited to perform in front of ex A&R of Def Jam and New A&R of Roc Nation, Lenny Santiago.

The event hosted around 50 Colorado local artists that were big on promoting themselves online with recognizable brands and music. Everyone involved were set to perform 3 of their top hits live in front of everybody that was there. Stryker & MFT performed 3 of their top songs , and after evaluation out of all the local artist’s their music and movement was approved in the top 3.

He then co signed on paper, that Stryker & MFT’s music is good enough to be played on the radio & they should be signed to a major Record label. Negotiations were set for them to be signed to Def Jam/Roc Nation A&R. Since then their social networks have been booming, sales on music has gone up, and they are now Verified on over 7 social Networks, are they signed???

This has been a major move for the Colorado Hip hop scene, putting Colorado music out to the thousands and now with almost 1,000,000 online stream and download sales on Soundscan and almost 2,000,000 Fans online, who's not to say they're doing something major.



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