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Juggaloes and Movies are being blamed for the Killer clown prank shootings.

People from all over the United states are shocked by the recent Killer clown pranks that have lead to multiple shootings in different states. Many are tired of it and are now affiliating these clowns with other groups that dress up like them.People nationwide have grouped together and are claiming to take revenge on anyone that affiliates themselves with these clowns. Some are on the hunt just to beat them up and to try and prevent any future assaults from happening in their neighborhoods. Locals are saying the attacks are influenced by the music and movies, claiming the Juggaloes , prank groups that dress up like clowns, and even movies like The Killer Clowns are influencing such violence. Influencers like Many Youtube Pranksters and even movies airing around this time, because of Halloween,are also helping promote the violence to the thousands many are saying. Something that use to be just a prank has now went to far, people have had enough. #Stoptheviolence



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