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Study says, “Marijuana effects the nervous system and regular use can lead to a loss of vision”

Rajesh Rao, Retinal Surgeon from The study by JAMA Ophthalmology, says there's an association between regular cannabis use and ganglion cell dysfunction. Regular users of cannabis can demonstrate a delay in transmission of action potentials by the ganglion cells compared with non-users, which could potentially cause alterations in vision, according to a study.

The case-control study included 28 individuals who regularly used cannabis and 24 matched, healthy, non-drug-using controls. The groups had no significant differences in median age or sex of the subjects. Cannabis users had fewer average years of education and greater alcohol intake per week than subjects in the control group.

The cannabis group had an increase in N95 implicit time on the results of the pattern electroretinography at 98.6 milliseconds compared with the non-cannabis group at 88.4 milliseconds. “This finding provides evidence for a delay of approximately 10 milliseconds in the transmission of action potentials evoked by the retinal ganglion cells within the eye.

Their Conclusions and Relevance of the results were to demonstrate a delay in transmission of action potentials by the ganglion cells in regular cannabis users, which could support alterations in vision. Rajesh Rao says”Our findings may be important from a public health perspective since they could highlight the neurotoxic effects of cannabis use on the central nervous system as a result of how it affects retinal processing.”



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