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Man shoots up Pizza Restaurant over fake Facebook news links he thought were real, What Facebook pla

With the uprising of fake news links being spread all across Facebook many believe that it has swayed the presidential election among other things. Just recently a man in DC shot up a Pizza Restaurant because he sought revenge for a story he seen on Facebook. The link he saw online claimed that the business was running a child drug trafficking ring in their basement, which they were not.

Facebook is now coming up with a way to prevent Fake news articles from being exposed to thousands online. If the post is reported enough times as fake, Facebook will now report it to fact checking organizations . They are currently working with ABC News,, Politifact, The Associated Press, and Snopes to fact check links on the social media website.

What does this mean for Editors making fake news articles. Soon all websites making fake news articles will be blacklisted on the Facebook tracking system and shown less in the Algorithm preventing stories from being read by thousands of viewers . This will put a stop to fake websites and news stories that some could find believable. We can only predict that the pages promoting them as well could lose traffic, if not their page



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