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Men & Women Minty Fart pads are guaranteed to stop the smell, buy yours today!

Are you tired of having to hold farts while you're in public?? Do you wish they smelled extra minty instead of extra musty, well the solution is here! Introducing the all new Fart Pads for Men & Women which comes in different smells, buy yours in a minty fresh odor or make it a soothing vanilla smell. Underwear pads are now sold online at Ebay and other sites or you can purchase yours today at Walgreens or CVS. One satisfied customer says, "It works! No more anxiety. No more worrying. Since I've been able to relax, my problems have decreased. I can do whatever I want to. I can eat things that I couldn't before due to my problems!" No more worries you can now ease your mind in public and bask in the ambiance of minty fresh farts.

Amazon has theirs listed at a price of $23.96 and can be purchased here ( . The listing claims the pad is Washable and reusable for several weeks, depending on usage. The Discreet pad is thin and comfortable to wear and comes with double-sided tape and instructions.Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable as it will be farted on many times. There is also a female version which can fit in your basic underwear or thong. You can cut it down to right size to fit your comfort and are disposable after a certain amount of usage. The womens verson can be purchased here at

. After all you never know when gas is going to creep up on you, you could be in an important meeting and have to rip one, well no more axiety fart pads are here to save the day!


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