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Colorado Dispensaries are ripping people off, here's what to watch out for.

Marijuana sales in Colorado have seen a rapid decline year to year since Legalization across other states have flooded the market and stopped tourists from coming to the once popular state for Legal Cannabis. Now many locals who have bought for years from dispensary's are starting to find their smoke elsewhere and being picky on where they buy it from causing an even more decline. After talking to some Colorado natives many have said that dispensary marijuana no longer gets them high, some even feel like they have been ripped off. Talking to over 20 Colorado natives, many have said that many places are selling chemically induced nugz that are hardened by inducing multiple chemicals while growing the plant. John Santistevan , a Colorado local native said , "I have tried multiple dispensaries and it's hit or miss. About 80% of the marijuana is hardened and has no taste. It's hard to find the good stuff that Colorado is known for."

Colorado marijuana sales have seen a %15 decline since last year and even the previous 4/20 event didn't do much to help. Many are also competing against each other and those with the best product seem to be thriving. Many owners are getting so desperate that some are even trying to pawn Hemp off as low grade Marijuana. Hemp once trimmed from the plant looks exactly like low grade Marijuana but it has way much lower THC levels , and doesn't get the more experienced smokers high at all. Denver native Charles Cisneros said, " I have smoked Marijuana from different dispensaries for years. I was mad one day because I bought some from a place and it turned out to be hemp. They sold it as low grade marijuana though and there was nothing I could do as there is a no return policy across the whole state. Watch what you pay for says Charles. Times are hard right now, people are desperate to make money.



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