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Deadly kidnapping in Mexico bad for economy, hundreds of people cancel their vacations.

Since the recently kidnapping of four Americans, many people are not feeling safe to travel to Mexico. This has sparked outrage on social media and hundreds of people have replied. Many claim that they will never again visit due to the fact that it puts their lives at danger. Even in the safest of resorts it has been known that Cartel members enter when they want and Mexican authorities have a hard time keeping them out. As seen in a recent viral social media post, via Facebook, many are addressing their concerns about how they feel.

If traveling please proceed with caution one person says. Few others on this viral social media post have claimed to cancel their vacations all together and have taken off Mexico as one of their go to places to travel too. This domino effect will effect Mexico's economy as a big part of their revenue comes from tourists. It's unsure as to how long this will last but many will not travel their until they feel safe to. Recent apologies from the Gulf Cartel in the recent kidnappings seem to not change anybody's mind, as turning down one wrong street, in the wrong neighborhood, could be the end of your life.



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