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Record Label owners could face prison time for lyrics in their music.

Rappers lyrics these days are getting them in trouble with the law, now Record Label owners could face the wrath as well. Many independent Record Label owners could face potential jail time for the rappers they represent on their label. The lyrics the artist's use in their songs could also be used as evidence against the record label owners, especially if they are mixed up with the drama that the rappers have going on and are mentioned in the music. By aiding the rappers in their career and street life this gives them a platform for the rappers to express themselves under the supervision of the record label. This could lead to potential RICO cases against the label owners and put their involvement with the rappers in the lime light.

A person must participate in a pattern of racketeering activities linked to an enterprise in order to violate RICO. The statute lists 35 offenses, including gambling, murder, kidnapping, arson, drug selling, and bribery, as racketeering. Importantly, wire and postal fraud are covered on the list. By giving the rappers a platform to attack their enemies , the label owners are knowingly taking part in what the artist has going on and links back to the actual enterprise. For label owners it's best to stay strictly business with these artists, make sure your involvement with the artists street life doesn't intertwine with the business.

Many major record labels are forcing artists to step away from the street life while still having them portray that they are living the street life. With the contracts they explain to the artist that in no way is the label responsible for what they do outside of the business and they are to live a certain way , away from the streets, and most the time forcing the rapper to cut ties with certain friends and family. By not doing so and breaking the Record Labels contract, the artist will be forced to pay back what was invested into their career and other damages caused by their actions and in worse cases face prison time for their actions.



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